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MPG Accounting Services is a company with specialized bookkeeping and accounting services; dedicated to providing services which will pave a way for the success of business owners. With our efficient and cost effective processes, we are able to perform our services with guaranteed accuracy. We have an "app" which helps our clients to carefully store their receipts, it eliminates the need to travel to our clients to collect receipts, and it is timely when meeting deadlines. 

The average bookkeeper is not highly qualified, so they are prone to make mistakes and errors which could greatly impact the organization. Some of the examples i have experienced; are with categorizing expenses which may be tax deductible, for example clients may include adverting funds into donations. Donations are tax deductible and advertising costs are not, so if the donation expenses are material, it could cause an audit of the client's books by CRA. 

MPG works together to ensure your expenses are correctly categorized to maximize tax deductions on our clients tax returns and to assist with better tax planning. In addition, we are able to provide services at half the cost of what most bookkeepers charge for their services.

We are a team of Accountants who focus on providing reliable and trustworthy bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses.

Our Mission is to ensure our clients’ books of accounts are up to-date on a month to month basis. Our Vision is to ensure our clients receive first class return on services provided by our business to further their growth goals.

We provide bookkeeping, tax returns and tax planning, payroll, GST returns, accounts receivable, accounts payable and other accounting services as desired.

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